Boston Gun and Rifle is a private club that is accepting applications for new members.  Contact Pat, the club manager, for more information, at 617-436-8846.


You must have an active Massachusetts LTC to join.

You must fill out an application and submit it to the club manager for approval. 

Upon acceptance of your application you will be given a walk through of the club and you must pass a range safety test administered by the club manager to verify your safe handling and live firing of a firearm.  You must have your own firearm to join the club.

Download application here


1st year fee is $200.00.  Each subsequent year the fee is $125.00.  Your membership runs yearly from the date that you join.  We accept personal checks, money orders, cash and major credit cards.


If you completed a Basic Pistol Safety Course with the club, you will receive a $50 discount for the first year of membership.

Our hours of operation are:

Monday through Friday:  2pm to 10pm

Saturday:   9am to 10pm

Sunday:     9am to 6pm

We are closed on Christmas, New Years Day, Thanksgiving and Labor Day.

Club Rules

Boston Gun and Rifle is a cold range.  There is absolutely no handling of loaded firearms except while in a shooting booth on the range with the firearm pointed down range. 

  • You must properly holster or have cased all firearms prior to entering the club.

  • When firearms are uncased or un-holstered once in the club, all actions must be open and the firearm unloaded, except when on the range in a shooting booth.

  • If you arrive at the club with a holstered firearm, you must go to a shooting booth on the range to un-holster and make safe.  You may then bring the firearm from the range unloaded and with the action opened.  The same procedure applies to a loaded firearm that is cased.

  • Firearms are not to be un-holstered or re-holstered unless in a shooting booth on the range.

  • When you leave the shooting range with an un-cased or un-holstered firearm, it must be unloaded and the action MUST be open. 

  • All firearms are assumed to be loaded and should be treated as such.

  • All loading and/or unloading of firearms must be done in a shooting booth on the range. 

  • A loaded firearm is to ALWAYS remain in the shooting booth with the shooter and must never be left unattended.

  • Absolutely no loading or unloading of firearms in any area of the club except in the shooting booth.

  • Cleaning of firearms is to be performed at the designated cleaning table.  No ammo is allowed at the cleaning table.

  • Loading of magazines is to be done at the designated loading table.  No firearms are allowed at the loading table.

  • No alcoholic beverages or drugs are allowed on club property at any time, nor any person under the influence of the same.  Violation of this rule will be cause for immediate dismissal. 

  • Boston Gun and Rifle is a smoke-free facility.

  • The range is to be monitored by members. Members are expected to sweep up their brass at the end of their shooting session and deposit it in the spent brass buckets.  All used targets, empty ammo boxes, etc. should be disposed of in the trash containers.

  • All members must act as range officers to ensure safety on the range and to report to staff any safety violations that they observe.

  • Any member may call a 'Cease Fire'.  When a cease fire is called, all shooting is to stop immediately.  Firearms should be made safe and placed on the counter in the shooting booth.  Shooters are to step back from the booth and stand behind the yellow line until the 'All Clear' command is given.

  • If you are unable to clear a jam, place the firearm down on the booth counter with muzzle pointed down range and ask a Range Safety Officer for assistance.

  • No firearm is to ever be left unattended at any location in the club.

  • Members are allowed to bring guests under the following rules:  No more than 1 guest per member (more than 1 guest will require approval from a staff member) and guests must remain in the shooting booth with the member.  If the guest has an active LTC, they may also shoot.  There will be a $25.00 per guest fee charged.  If the guest does not have an active LTC, they may not shoot unless they are under the supervision of one of the club instructors. They will be allowed to use the club member's firearm and ammo but will be considered a participant of the Public Shooters Program and each guest will be required to pay a cash guest fee of $100/hr, as an instructor will need to be present at all times while the guest is shooting.  An appointment must be made prior to coming to shoot.  Under no circumstances are club members authorized to instruct guests who do not have a valid LTC. .

  • Waivers must be read and signed by all non-members/guests participating in either shooting or observing on the range. 

  • Eye and ear protection is MANDATORY at all times while on the range.

  • As of February 1st, 2019, Boston Gun and Rifle has become a lead free range.  Members will not be allowed to bring their own ammo.  All ammo to be used at the facility must be purchased from Boston Gun and Rifle.